Intuitive Copywriting Process

How Does intuitive copywriting work?

Intuition is about allowing information to land on your heart, then following the K.I.S.S. rule (keep it simple sassy). Having said that, my aim is to keep it simple. I will adapt my process so that you are most comfortable! The easiest (and most cost affective approach) is to give me the necessary starting points, and let me write away! However, if you are someone who appreciates being super involved in the process, I have your back, and I have an option that you can be as intimately connected as you wish.

What do i need to get started? 

First things first, you give me your niche, your goal, and what you are wanting to create (and if you don't know, that's cool too, because you will gain clarity through this). The journey will officially begin honoring  where your life began—with your full birth details (location and time included, and nope, this is not for astrology). This information not only gives me access to your energetic imprint, it is beautifully (and some what grossly) metaphoric. At times creating copy can feel super similar to your birth;  being forced out of a cozy little nook, screaming and crying. Sorry for the graphic thought, but it's true. I hope the analogy will comfort you and help you to remember even though it may feel scary, there is NEW LIFE after this process.  

**If you don't have them, don't worry. I have work arounds for everything.

So once you have all this, then what??

Then watch me come in like a writing wrecking ball! Kidding ... kind of! But really that is how it works! If you still need more thought and are not sure we are the right fit, click this section to book a short exploration call here and we can discuss your victory voyage! XO

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