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intuitive copywriting

written words for the
conscious & heart centered entrepreneur

I AM a wordsmith bespeaking your souls expression

I intuit all possibilities rumbling in your mind, and scribe them into reality of what your soul was put here to do. It's an answer finding clairty process!

If you know you have a helpful gift and service to share, especially one you know will spark an impact, or sense a nudge to follow your passion purpose, but don’t know how to articulate it — we'll make a dream team!

Give me a hot cup of Bullet Proof Coffee, my sweet pup at my feet, and your complete birth details; then it's on!  Part of me living in my embodied blueprint, is getting to deliver your copy which reveals your stand-out qualities. Here, your next fiery offer comes through via words!

Let's Get Started!

Move out of your past & into your future.

Copywriter defined by Merriam Webster dictionary (copy·​writ·​er): a writer of advertising or publicity copy.

From my experience, it's richer ...

Copy = transcription
writ   = written command
er       = symbolic

The words used to showcase your spirit, have the potential to be a transcription of what the Divine is guiding you to do. That is what I aim to do!

I help you access magnetic marketing words which will guide your next step and connect you to the people you can most help.

How do I do that? With your full birth details, your niche , and your goal. That is all!

Through our processes, your fears are likely to be revealed and highlighted. Fear not, as we will transmute them into a new found strength.

When you deliver copy from your
energetic imprint, it activates:

•  Life purpose affirmation
•  Clarity on your services and offerings
•  Safety in sharing your service
•  Heart's expression and impact
•  Alchemy which helps you align your words, actions, and timing

My Work ...

Gina is a skillful effable wordsmith, expressing narratives with ease. It seems like her brain experiences words in a different way as she effortlessly selected the best word(s), into sentences that articulated the perfect story related to my life’s mission.  My head was left spinning in how Gina captured the exact story I had in my head playing over and over but couldn’t compile eloquently. She captured my true essence and related it to my work, like a piece of written art. Spot on! I am thankful. a new business adventure can be scary, and hiring Gina took a stress off my plate with her doing the copy for my website. To me, copywriting is the first impression of me for my clients, and Gina did a fabulous job in marketing my true essence while also sharing my silly side.

jennifer lord

Alchemy with words! You helped me get clear, an express myself in my copy, which could be so overwhelming. It can be hard to  hone in and get clear about what it is I am offering. I have really appreciated the focused process. It’s been amazing for me to have you through the process, coaching me along.

Tavia Avila

A bit aboutServices

I am a Feng Shui and Subtle Energy Medicine practitioner by day, and Intuitive Wordsmith by the wee morning hours. My experience as a copywriter includes helping to curate and write over fifty websites for heart centered entrepreneurs. I have written for publications including Elephant Journal, RedFin, and Savanna East. I have created and self published four of my own books plus one card deck, and have contributed to Cyndi Dales Chakra Series published by Llewellyn's.

My promise to you is vulnerability, community, balance, and an opportunity for you to be heard as you share YOU. Though I can't promise a four letter word won't pop out of my peeper here or there, I do promise they won't end up on your copy! My goal is to be a champion for your dreams, to help you tune into your own ideas which create breakthroughs.

website Copy

I LOVE sparking words for websites! Writing about your souls blueprint feeds my passion hungry soul! One vital component in my energetic make up is empowering others to live on purpose. In my experience, words are one of the most powerful tools. Thanks to an elementary school teacher who told me I was a crappy writer, I learned early on. Let's put your words to good use!

sales pages

The dreaded Sales page— no one wants to do them, but we all need them. I truly believe that and I LOVE THEM! Why? Because without their headache instigating existence, it would be hell of a lot harder to help the people you were put on earth to help! I have a fail proof solution for these babies, ready for lift off!

Customer journey sequence

A customer journey sequence can be necessary if you are wanting to grow your business. Think of it like this —it would be super weird if you invited a friend for dinner, then propped the front door open and left a piece of vegan pie on your entry table. Where is the greeting, the entree, and the LOVE?! Get my drift? Together we can create a delightful flow that doesn't leave your client feeling confused and still hungry!

other creative work

If you have other initiatives you would like to brainstorm, let's connect and discuss the possibilities. Whether you want to take your social media content to the next level, revise your purpose statement, or even a larger scale project like a book, reach out! I have helped heart centered entrepreneurs with various projects helping them to create new, and realign with existing copywriting.

Have copy you want to see come to life?

If you have a project or copywriting adventure you would like to discuss, fill out the details below and I will be in touch within 72 business hours for a complimentary exploration consultation.

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Intuitive Copywriting Process

How Does intuitive copywriting work?

Intuition is about allowing information to land on your heart, then following the K.I.S.S. rule (keep it simple sassy). Having said that, my aim is to keep it simple. I will adapt my process so that you are most comfortable! The easiest (and most cost affective approach) is to give me the necessary starting points, and let me write away! However, if you are someone who appreciates being super involved in the process, I have your back, and I have an option that you can be as intimately connected as you wish.

What do i need to get started? 

First things first, you give me your niche, your goal, and what you are wanting to create (and if you don't know, that's cool too, because you will gain clarity through this). The journey will officially begin honoring  where your life began—with your full birth details (location and time included, and nope, this is not for astrology). This information not only gives me access to your energetic imprint, it is beautifully (and some what grossly) metaphoric. At times creating copy can feel super similar to your birth;  being forced out of a cozy little nook, screaming and crying. Sorry for the graphic thought, but it's true. I hope the analogy will comfort you and help you to remember even though it may feel scary, there is NEW LIFE after this process.  

**If you don't have them, don't worry. I have work arounds for everything.

So once you have all this, then what??

Then watch me come in like a writing wrecking ball! Kidding ... kind of! But really that is how it works! If you still need more thought and are not sure we are the right fit, click this section to book a short exploration call here and we can discuss your victory voyage! XO

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